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It is unbelievable to me how quickly time is flying by.  2 months since my last post!  So much has happened in two months it is overwhelming to try to go back and catalog it all here.  These are a few of the events I want to remember.  I will have to do more in depth posts about some of the later...if I get around to it!

*Popcorn and a movie date with Joel to see The Quartet (thank you to our lovely friends Robert and Bethany for babysitting!)


*Set Apart Women's conference with Erica


*Staying at a cabin inWisconsin Dells with my family


*Tahnee and I turned 29!


*Aria learned how to drive ;-)


*Said goodbye to Dadda as he left for a conference in California


*Dancing with Aria at the Chili and Chocolate Swing Dance fundraiser for MS

*Aria and I starting volunteering on Mondays at the food shelf our church started.  We get to greet people and let them know when it is their turn to get food.


*Aria's first trip to the MN ZOO with friends


*Celebrating Aria's first Easter (in California...will do another post just about this)


*Slumber party at "Grandma" Pam's during our trip to Alexandria for book club

Well there is a snap shot of April and May.  Aria just turned 11 months old.  I can hardly believe it.  I spent time today planning Aria's birthday party with our family.  I feel like she was just born, how is it possible it is already time to celebrate her first birthday!  I hope the next 18 years don't fly by as quickly!