dusting off the old/new camera

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Since Aria was born I have been taking most photographs with my phone because it is always close by.  It is also very easy to share pictures when they are on my phone.  The down side to using my phone is that it frequently fills up and requires Joel to do something techy, that I don't understand, to get the pictures off of it so I have room to take more.  Also the pictures aren't as good especially when I try to print them.  Although I think any picture of Aria is pretty stinking cute! Last night I went to a "Mammarazzi" class with a friend.  It is a class to help moms take better pictures of their kids.  It was a fun night out and it inspired me to take our nice camera out of its case and use it today!  So without further ado here are a few pictures of Aria that I took this afternoon when we had nice light coming in the living room window.  I am not putting them here because I think they are amazing but I am sharing them because they are images of Aria today.  They show what she is playing with and chewing on and loving at the moment.


Her pacifier and blankie are dearly loved.


She is dearly loved too!


This is one of Aria's favorite toys lately.  She has gotten very good at closing all of the doors.  It will be fun when she learns how to open them up as well.


As of today Aria has three teeth on bottom and is working on two on top.  Everything is going in the mouth these days!


She is crawling everywhere nowadays.  Here she crawled up real close to inspect this new camera.  In the background you can see the green and red rings.  These are her favorite toys.  She likes to hold them, bang them on things, crawl around while holding them and of course eat them!


I thought this last one was too funny not to share!