too busy enjoying life to blog about it!

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Well again it has been a long time since I last posted!  We have been very busy.  The only time that I have had to post is while Aria is sleeping but I usually try to get housework done then so that I can spend all my time with Aria while she is awake!  Since I last posted we have traveled to Colorado for Christmas and Joel has traveled to Las Vegas and California for work.  Aria has also started crawling!



Now that Aria is moving she likes to slide under furniture and explore the corners of rooms!


Now that she is much better at sitting up she has graduated to baths in the bathtub as opposed to the sink.  Aria received bath toys for Christmas so she has enjoyed playing with those.


She also enjoys trying to eat them!


Everyday I am in awe of how dearly I love this little girl.  She is incredibly sweet and almost always cheerful and smiling.  It is a miracle that I get anything accomplished because I am content just sitting and playing with her.


I have a hard time believing that my baby girl is eight months old already.  She is growing up too fast.  On one hand I love to watch her learn, grow and explore but on the other hand I want her to remain my sweet little baby girl!  This is why I have not been posting very much.  I simply don't want to miss a second that I could be spending with her!  Not to mention how much I love snuggling and napping with her!  I love this picture of her holding her baby doll, a christmas present from her Nana.  We are both holding our babies!  It is moments like this that I want to capture and save on this blog.  I do still intend to post as I love having this opportunity to share our lives with loved ones.  For awhile I plan to post only once or twice a month so that I can focus on treasuring Aria's babyhood!

p.s. I have no idea why I can't get all of the pictures to be centered.  I have tried fixing it over and over but I can't figure it out.  Hopefully it doesn't bother you as much as bothers me!