ThreadJoy is here!

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Some of you know that I have been hard at work starting a sewing business called ThreadJoy.  I just successfully completed my first craft show and now have some of my items for sale on etsy.  Check them out at!

I am loving creating what I consider to be essential items for moms and babies.  Right now I am making burp cloths, wet bags, pacifier clips, reusable snack bags and nursing covers.  These are the basics that I use everyday.  For the craft fair I also made heating packs but I am not planning to sell them on etsy because they would be expensive to ship.

I had a great time at the craft fair.  I chose to participate in the John Glenn Middle School 17th Annual craft fair because it is only a few minutes away from my house.  I sold about 15 items and received a lot of positive feedback from people about my display and the quality of my products.  I had lots of family and friends stop by and our family friend "Grandma Rose" helped me at my booth.  Joel brought Aria and she stayed with me for a couple hours.  I felt very proud to have her there with me, not that she could understand it, but someday she will.  Someday she will see her parents supporting each other  and immersing themselves in the things they love to do.  I hope that one day Aria will show an interest in sewing and creating.  For now I will just enjoy wiping her face with one of my homemade burp cloths!  Who knew even spit up could be fun!