what we do on wednesdays

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This is a picture of what Aria and I can be found doing every Wednesday morning around 9:45.  We join a group of funny old ladies for knitting, snacks and an all around good time.  Aria is usually awake for the first half hour.  A few of the ladies without grandkids of their own put their knitting and crocheting projects to the side so they can hold Aria.  Then she falls asleep in the baby sling while I knit and chat.  It is a fun little group.  They were wary when I first showed up, as their newest member has been attending for 7 years, but now they are excited when we show up every week.  I love watching as they pass around their Harlequin romance novels checking for their initials on the inside covers to see if they have read that one yet.  I love listening to the things they talk about such as using their good dishes, what has happened on their shows this week and how expensive sewing patterns are these days.  Last week MaryAnne brought  pictures of her 18th birthday party in the 1950's and passed them around.  It was so cute to see her young and all dressed up with all her friends. My favorite comment from her was, "Look at my sexy ankles!"

Here is a picture of Aria with LaDonna this morning.  I think LaDonna only worked on her afghan for five minutes today because she wanted to hold Aria the whole time!  It is bittersweet to see them together because LaDonna reminds me of my grandma.  I wish that I could sit with my grandma and talk about what happened on Dancing With the Stars this week.  I miss my grandma dearly but it makes me so grateful that Aria will still grow up surrounded by "grandmas" who love her!

 After knitting group we usually go to the farmers market.  I get whatever veggies I need for the week and I always stop at the Great Harvest Bread Company booth to say hi to Sheldon and to get Joel a salted caramel cookie.  This week Sheldon sent me home with a free loaf of sourdough bread to eat with my chili tomorrow.  I can't wait!

I plan to make 2 lasagnas, one for this week and one to freeze so I can enjoy my farmers market vegetables later this winter.  I will be sad when November comes and this won't be a part of our weekly routine.  I guess that is part of what makes it so special over the summer though.

Here is my favorite lasagna recipe.  It is from a friend of a friend and apparently there is a similar recipe in the Joy of Cooking recipe but I have never looked.  I will be using up the last of the tomatoes from my garden instead of the canned diced tomatoes.  You can also use the no bake lasagna noodles with this recipe just make sure that the noodles are submerged in the sauce so that they will soften.

Amazing Veggie Lasagna:

cut up eggplant, carrots, zuccini, yellow summer squash, red and green peppers (you can use whatever veggies you have on hand)

roast veggies in olive oil sprinkled with oregano, basil, red pepper flakes and salt for around 30 min at 425 degrees

mix two large cans diced tomatoes and 1 can tomato paste add parsley flakes and salt

combine veggies and sauce

layer lasagna: three layers of al dente lasagna noodles, sauce and mozzerella cheese

bake 1 hour at 425