3 months

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Another month has flown by!  I can hardly believe it.

I am a little late in posting this update because I was wanting to take a better picture with more lighting and try to get one without her feet blurry...I couldn't get her to sit still for a picture it was the weirdest thing!  In the end I decided it would be better to just get the post up, well that and even in a bad photo Aria still looks pretty cute!

Aria still has the sweetest temperament.  She is adored by people everywhere we go and we go a lot of places because she is so easy!  I love taking her out and sharing her with the world.  She is too sweet to keep to myself!  She is still on a three hour schedule.  She wakes up, eats, plays and then naps.  The we start all over again.  She sleeps from around 11 pm to 7 am and gives me the sweetest smile every morning!

She grasps objects now.  She doesn't reach for them yet but will accidentally grab them or will hold what I put in her had.  She is getting close to rolling onto her stomach. She starts rolling over and ends up just hanging out on her side. She kicks a lot and can scoot around by pushing with her feet. She spends a lot of time clasping her hands together and trying to eat her hands or fore arms.  Sometimes she helps hold her bottle while she eats.  Her favorite songs are "You are my sunshine" and "I like to eat apples and bananas".  She has started talking a lot more.  Her vocal chords must be developing because has definitely gotten louder and can make a lot of different sounds.

Here are some of the things we have done over the last month:

*Dinner date with daddy at Good Earth.

*Auntie Shawn babysat Aria so Joel and I could go on a date to the Pirates exhibit at the Science Museum.  It was so fun!  Seriously how good looking is my husband!

*Celebrated Auntie Shawn's birthday at Good Earth and bid farewell to her as she is spending the year in Guatemala.  Hopefully we will get to skype soon!  I love how they are looking at each other in this picture.

*Enjoyed brunch with a bunch of girlfriends including Colleen and her baby girl Fiona who were visiting from Chicago

*Had a baby shower for Kate at Good Earth...her baby should be joining us any day now!  I can't wait to meet him or her!

(Did you notice I went to Good Earth three times in one month? I was a lucky girl!)

*Went up to a friends cabin for the weekend.  Here she is "playing" with her friend Elliott!

*My Dad and crew visited from Chicago and we spent lots of time in the pool

*Enjoyed dinner and a movie with Kate

*Slumber party with Mel while her parents went to the Cold Play concert.  I know this isn't the best picture.  It was dark because we were all snuggled up watching "The Lorax".

*Follow-up appointment for Aria to check her weight gain.  In one month she moved from the 4%ile to the 38%ile.  Now she is growing right on track.  She wears 3 month clothes and some 3-6 month.

*Weekly dates with Grandma Rose and Auntie Cindy

*Aria's first book club meeting in Alexandria, all the ladies loved her!

*Met up with Julie for a walk

*Visited Tahnee in Brainerd

*Joined a knitting group at the Gladstone Community Center...Aria and I are the youngest members by far!  She is usually awake for a little bit and then she sleeps in her sling while I knit and chat with the ladies.

*Aria has started going to the childcare center at Lifetime Fitness so that her momma can workout.  Every time I pick her up they say how great she was!

*Here is a cute picture of Aria during her bath.  She and I both love bath time.

I love my sweet baby girl!