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Last week Aria's Aunts and Uncles came to visit her from Colorado.  It was so fun having them all here.  While they were here we went to Cup and Cone in White Bear.  It is our favorite place to go for ice cream and it was fun to take Aria there for the first time.  Clearly she didn't quite understand the importance of this occasion or she would have been smiling like her mom and dad!

Aria is 7 weeks old now.  Here is what our sweet baby girl is up to these days:

She sleeps through the night now, it is amazing!  We both slept 8 glorious hours last night!

She has started talking more, I love it when she says "Ah", the other night she was repeating it every time I said it to her.  It was so fun!

She follows me with her eyes when I move around the room.  I can tell she can see a lot farther now.

She kicks a lot.

We went on our first family picnic to Lake Harriet to celebrate a friend's birthday.  It was fun but it was SO hot!  It needs to cool off a bit so that Aria and I can go for walks outside again!

She is now exclusively in cloth diapers except at night.   I am going to try that next week I think.  The disposable diapers are freakishly absorbent!  I worry that the cloth diapers will leak unless I get up to change her in the middle of the night.  I guess I won't know unless I try!

She likes to look at herself in mirrors.  Here is her enjoying the new play gym that her Aunt Jen and Uncle John got for her.  She absolutely loves it!

She just woke up from her nap so I better go!