a mini date

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This last weekend I got to go for a bike ride!  That might not sound like a big deal but I was really excited!  I had wanted to go for a bike ride for months but being pregnant I wasn't able to go...Joel wouldn't let me, he said something about not being able to balance well and putting me and the baby at risk.  Well I was finally able to go!  Aria stayed home with her Aunt and Uncle while Joel and I biked to the Maplewood Bakery to pick up some delicious rolls.

Speaking of rolls... I would like your commentary on when you would consider it a roll and when it is a donut.  I say roll unless it actually has a donut hole.  Joel says donut for everything.  Please state your opinions!

Back on topic now.  The bike ride was wonderful.  I was probably WAY to excited about it and probably drove Joel crazy!  It felt so good.  I can't wait until we can take Aria along for bike rides.  I will always treasure the memories of being pulled behind my parents bikes growing up.  Except for when we went past farms.  The memories of smelling cow manure aren't so great.