I love my life!

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I know it has been almost a month since my last post...and I usually apologize to you when I go a while without posting but this time there will be no apologies! I have been busy enjoying my little baby girl!  I am completely in love with her and I adore getting to devote my days to taking care of her and to taking care of my little family!

Recap of the last month:

*spending nearly every minute staring at Aria

*she has had lots of family and friends coming to admire her

*Joel's parents and one sister and her husband came to visit from Colorado

*taking Aria for lots of walks

*taking lots of naps together

*visiting school so the students could meet the baby they watched grow in my tummy all year

*starting to use cloth diapers

*loving bath time

*watching her start to roll over at two weeks old!

*taking her to her first wedding, and dancing with her in-between us!

*waiting 15 days for her to poop!

*three days of cluster feeding...that was exhausting!

*watching her cute faces while she dreams

*Aria had to wear a phototherapy belt for 2 days to help get rid of her jaundice

*I had to go to the ER because of a painful uterus infection

*Joel had to start bottle feeding Aria while I was gone, Joel was super dad!

*taking Aria to church for the first time, she slept through the entire service

*celebrating Joel on his first Father's Day

* Aria loves her pacifier, she loves to be held (which works out well for me!), she likes her swing, she sleeps much better when she is swaddled otherwise she flails her arms and scratches her face, she likes laying on her back for "playtime" which consists of me playing with her and her toys while she stares, she hates tummy time and that is how I found out she can roll over!

Over all Aria is an incredibly easy baby!  She has a very sweet temperament and I am absolutely smitten!

Here we are taking Aria for her first walk!

taking an afternoon nap together

she LOVES her pacifier!

out celebrating Daddy for Father's day

It is time for me to go.  Aria has been sleeping sweetly in her baby sling while I typed this.  She was even smiling and giggling in her sleep a bit.  Now she is awake and ready to play! Love to you all!  Sorry for any typos mommy I know you hate those but I don't have time to edit!