40 weeks!

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Aria Joy Stewart is here and she is amazing!  I had no idea how intensely I would love this little girl.  She is happy and healthy and I am pretty sure she keeps getting cuter every second!  I will do another post about labor and delivery, I only have a few minutes before she wakes up and wants to eat again so I need to keep this short.  Plus she is in my arms right now which makes it hard to type...not hard enough that I am going to put her down though!

I am feeling amazing.  I definitely don't feel like I had a baby, at least not how I imagined I would feel.  I am not sore at all except from breast feeding but that is getting better.  She is a very easy baby.  She eats and sleeps like a rockstar.  We had a home visit with a nurse yesterday and she confirmed how perfect she is!  Today we are going to take her for her first walk and meet up with friends for a picnic lunch at the park by our house.  I am excited!

We are all having a great time being a family and we want visitors to come and admire Aria so give us a call!

I better go now...I think she just filled her diaper like a rockstar :-)