39 weeks

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Here we are at 39 weeks.  The belly is starting to feel ridiculously huge!  I am trying to keep myself very busy so that I don't think about the discomfort.  I spend most of my time busy sewing in my craft room.  I was up there sewing in my underwear one day this week because I was SO hot!!!  It has been fun to be done working and having extra time to do things I enjoy.  I have spent time with friends, had girls over for a movie night, did some baking and lots of cooking and spent time relaxing with Joel.  It feels like summer break.  It has been a lovely change of pace.  I am enjoying my days of rejuvenation but I am hoping there aren't too many days left before the baby comes.  I am hoping she comes on her due date the 22nd because that is my mom's birthday!

Will this baby girl will be on the inside or outside for the 40 week picture???