making a baby and some other stuff

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I am all done at work!!! Friday was my last day.  It has been lovely.  I have been sleeping in and napping and making stuff!  I am excited for our baby to join us but I am enjoying my time until then.

Here is a hat I made.  It has been so long since I have knit anything.  It might be a little impractical considering the weather but I wanted to be able to put something I made on her right after she is born and this will be cuter than the hospital issue hats.

This is where I knit that hat, outside on our new adirondack chairs enjoying the beautiful weather.

Today I made some new headbands for myself.  They are reversible and should be nice for the many days I have ahead of having no time to do my hair.

I am also working on making one of these for the nursery with our daughter's name but since her name is a secret I can't show it to you.  So here is the image from pinterest where I got the idea.  It is made with embroidery hoops but then the name is painted onto the fabric.

I have a few more things I want to make but nothing that needs to be done before baby Stewart comes...six more days until her due date!