38 weeks

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Here we are at 38 weeks!  Don't mind the cat butt at the bottom.  The only picture I got without Lindy in it was blurry.  My appointment on Tuesday went well.  We are growing on schedule.  The midwife said that our baby girl is a good size and she would be happy for her to come at any time now.  I am still dilated 2 cm and 70% effaced.

 I am looking forward to being done with working.  I declared Friday of this week as my last day.  It has felt good to wrap things up and start saying my goodbyes to the students.  I had planned to work until at least the 18th or until I had the baby but my hips and feet  wanted me to be done last week.  I wasn't very excited about just not showing up one day, I feel much better about having closure with my teachers and students and not leaving a bunch of loose ends at work.

Last night I was trying on one of the baby slings that I made and decided to see how the cats liked it.  Afina loved it!  It was hilarious.  She curled right up and started purring.  She is such a funny cat!

Well I better get to bed!  Sleep well everyone (including me hopefully)!