37 weeks

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This will be a short post for many reasons.  Reasons including: I am starving and need to go to the bathroom, also my back is hurting so I don't want to sit here very long and my battery is about to die...I could go get to the charger but as previously mentioned I have some pressing concerns that I would rather deal with!

Woohoo!!! We made it to 37 weeks.  That means she is full-term and it is safe for her to come anytime now.  That also means that we are far enough along that we can try out a water birth!  We are very excited for her to come...please come soon!  At my 37 week appointment (last Tuesday) I found out I was dilated 2 cm and 70% effaced.  I can't wait to find out at my appointment tomorrow if my body has progressed!

Please come soon baby!  Gotta run, the oven timer just went off!