35 & 36

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I am a little behind on blogging but only because I have been so busy nesting!  I have been keeping my computer up in my craft room because I use it to listen to music while sewing.  Anytime that I went to get my computer so I could blog I ended up sewing instead! I have recently made a nursing cover, reusable nursing pads, a quilt and curtains for the nursery and a failed attempt at a doll.  I will redo the doll soon, I need to make the body bigger.

I was also making a prototype plush toy for an advertising is a long story, which might have involved my spending the next month sewing 90 weird hairball toys.




Here they are in case you are curious.  Thankfully I had enough wisdom to pass on the project.  Last weekend I turned over my prototype and pattern to another company to make.  I am so relieved!  Now I can go back to making fun stuff!  Today I am going to JoAnn Fabrics to purchase fabric to make a baby quilt for my new nephew Ethan!

Here is Ethan right after he was born on Sunday, April 22nd, 2012.  He was 7 pounds and 6 ounces, 20 and one half inches long.  My sister was a rock star.  The labor went smoothly and very fast!  I couldn't believe it when I woke up in the morning to a text that he was here already!  Here is hoping my labor goes as well!

Last weekend we babysat for Joel's cousins.  As a birthday present we gave them a date night out with the stipulation that they better schedule the date fast before our baby came!  Here I am reading Isaiah his Tremendous Tractors book.  It is the perfect book for him, he LOVES tractors.  Love those kids, and their parents too of course!

This week I had my 36 week doctors appointment.  Everything is going well.  The midwife estimated that our baby is about 6 pounds right now.  So far I am still feeling good.  I would say I am doing great but this week my hips started getting really stiff and I have had some back pain.  I am trying to combat these aches with yoga, trips to the chiropractor and prayer!

I think one reason for the pain is that I have been spending extra time on my feet this week cooking.  My freezer is now stocked with meals for when the baby comes and I am too tired to cook.  This week I put together fajitas, stir fry, chicken teriyaki and chicken curry, italian soup, chili, sloppy joes and my grandma's skinny noodle hot dish.  I prepared two of each meal and each meal should provide several nights meals.  The freezer is stocked!  Joel says I am crazy but I have assured him that he will appreciate it soon!  

That pretty much sums up the last two weeks.  It is crazy to think that we are so close to the end of the pregnancy!  I can't wait to meet our daughter!  My goal until she comes is to rest and relax.  I have been operating in overdrive with this whole nesting phase so I am pretty worn out.  I am happy about it though because of everything I accomplished!  I plan to sew and read and enjoy time with friends and family.

I hope you all are doing well, sorry for making you wait so long for the updates Mommy!