34 weeks

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We have arrived at 34 weeks!  It feels like she has grown a lot recently.  My tummy feels tight all the time and I feel her moving a lot more throughout the day.  The movements are a lot more visible too, it is like my belly is being pulled around in all directions.  It is so weird/funny to watch!

This week has been very busy and full of blessings!  We started the week off with celebrating Easter with family.  I love my family and I cherish every time we get to be together.  I felt especially blessed because they threw us a little baby shower celebration after we had Easter dinner.  We also celebrated Tahnee's baby boy who is due two weeks before my baby girl!

Here we both are at 33 weeks and 35 weeks...anyone else think I am bigger than her?  It is so fun that our babies will be so close in age!

Joel and I both took Tuesday off of work in order to meet with our new doctor.  Nothing went wrong with the previous one but we found out that while they delivered at Woodwinds Hospital in Woodbury, where we want to deliver, they did not do water birth.  We switched to the nurse/midwives at Woodwinds so that we can have water birth as an option when it comes time to delivery.  Joel and I were both very impressed at our appointment and we are very excited about the switch.  They were very warm and welcoming!

We took advantage of having the day off to get things done around the house.  We worked hard to get the nursery put together.

 Even the kitties wanted to help!

It is still a work in progress (I have more cute details to add) but it is organized and will work for now!

On Wednesday I pampered myself!  I had a pedicure with my friend Teal, bought myself a new dress and indulged my sweet tooth with a Reese's McFlurry.  So delicious!

Over the last week I have been hard at work organizing the craft room and kids art corner in the upper level of our house.  Here is the bookshelf that Joel got me at Ikea that now holds all of my fabric.  I love being able to see it all at the same time.  He also put together a table/desk and a dresser that has all of my knitting and sewing supplies in it.

Today I was able to enjoy the fruits of my labor by having these two sweethearts over for a little painting session!

When I showed them the babies room they asked "Where will we sleep now?"  I explained that "their room" aka the guest room is downstairs now.  They felt much better after seeing that their room still existed.  They wanted to have a sleepover tonight but unfortunately I have to get up and work tomorrow.  Soon hopefully!

I started using my new sewing machine this week to make a quilt for the baby.  I have the quilt top done and will share pics when it is finished.  My new sewing machine is a Husqvarna Viking Emerald 116 and it is amazing!  I am so glad that my cheap little Singer broke!

It has been a beautiful week and it is only Thursday!  I hope your week has been filled with blessings as well!