31 weeks

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We have arrived safely at 31 weeks...actually tomorrow I will be 32 weeks but here is my update of what has happened during the 31st week:

We have kicked it into high gear in terms of getting ready for baby's arrival.  Joel painted the nursery.  We received our bassinet in the mail.  She will be sleeping in the bassinet in our room for awhile so I don't have to haul myself out of bed for every feeding.  We have bedding for the crib and we received a bunch of lovely presents from my girlfriends at a baby shower this weekend.

Here are the ladies that came to celebrate our baby girl!  I have amazing friends.  I felt very blessed :-)

Joel and I also attended a informational class about waterbirth.  It was a very good over view.  We are hoping that we will be able to go that route when it comes time for labor.  I think I would enjoy the freedom of movement that being in water would allow me.  Of course I am open to the possibility that things won't go as planned!  The downside to doing a water birth is that I can't have an epidural with it as it would be unsafe to put me into a tub full of water without feeling in my lower body and no way of getting out of the tub myself.  We ordered a book about hypnobirthing (which sounds super weird I know).  I scoffed at it when I first heard about it but I have since spoken with someone that used it along with water birth and had an amazing experience.  She said she felt no pain which is saying a lot because her first labor experience is one of those nightmare labors!  Joel and I are hoping to practice the hypnobirthing techniques to help me manage the pain.  I will keep you posted!

Other noteworthy events this week:

Joel's dad had a major health scare over the weekend.  He lost a lot of blood due to the combination of ulcers and the blood thinning medication he has been on since his minor stroke a few months ago.  Thankfully his health has improved and he is out of the hospital now.  Please pray for his strength and the pain that he is in.

Joel's aunt also had two major surgeries this week to straighten out her back from scoliosis.  Thankfully those procedures seem to have been very successful.  Please pray for strength as she enters the healing and rehabilitation stages again!

Awkward pregnancy moments this week:

Having my belly itch like crazy all morning only to realize later that day it was because I had a pile of crumbs sitting on my belly from the piece of toast I had eaten in the morning.  Awesome!

Walking (waddling) down the hallway at school and having a random student shout "Wow, you are wobbly!"  Yup, yup I am...thanks for noticing!