29 weeks

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29 weeks!  I can tell my baby girl is getting crowded in there.  I feel her movements on both sides of my stomach at the same time.  Thanks to her I have to go to the bathroom all the time.  I was hanging out with friends and I think I went to the bathroom 6 times in two hours.  It was embarrassing!

Tomorrow morning I go to the hospital for my glucose screening test.  I am not excited about it but I am looking forward to finding out the results so I can figure out what diet changes I need to be making.  If you are the praying type please pray that I can keep the sugary drink down.  It is super sweet and I will be drinking it on an empty stomach.  If I throw up I have to come back another day to try again!

Tomorrow is also the start of my spring break!!! Today Joel left for a conference in Austin, Texas so I will entertaining myself until he returns on Tuesday.  I have made some plans including going to Wisconsin to visit my mom, lunch and pedicures with friends to celebrate my birthday and then a trip to Bayfield, Wisconsin with Joel.   I also hope to get a few things done on the "getting ready for baby to-do list".  Of course I will also be resting!  It is only 7 pm and I am already thinking about going to bed...maybe I will just take a little nap.