28 weeks

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Here we are at 28 weeks on this past Tuesday.  I definitely waddle these days.  A student at school told me I walk weird now!

Highs of this week:

This week we received our crib and mattress in the mail.  Joel said he is going to put it together on Monday.  I can't wait to see it!  I will post pictures as soon as I can.

The girls at work threw me a surprised baby shower.  It was really fun and super sweet to see how excited they were to celebrate with me!  They got us a bunch of bath time supplies.  Oh and these cupcakes were amazing!

We also got together with Joel's aunt and uncle and cousins for a pancake dinner this weekend. Larry's pancakes are so delicious and they all gave us some cute baby clothes!  It was fun for Joel to get to see some of the items I registered for!

On Friday and Saturday Joel and I were also able to attend a marriage seminar at Bethel.  We had a great time and were blessed to run into some old college friends.

Lows of this week:

While doing yoga I noticed a varicose vein popping on my thigh!  Yikes!!

Also I didn't pass my glucose screening test at by doctors appointment this week.  I will be going in to do the 3 hour gestational diabetes test this coming Friday.  I am hoping that the original test was a fluke.  If not, I am hoping that I will be able to control the diabetes with diet changes and won't require insulin.  Apparently my mom had gestational diabetes while pregnant with me so it is likely not a fluke.  I will keep you posted.  Your prayers are appreciated!