27 weeks

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We have reached 27 weeks!  It is crazy to think that in 13 weeks or so I will be a mom for the rest of my life!  This little girl is really moving around in there.  The last few days she has been kicking so much that I can sit and watch my stomach twitching.  I have never been able to see her move before!  Joel was able to feel her moving around for almost an hour which is crazy as he had only felt her move about three times before.

This last weekend we celebrated my niece Melody's 6th birthday.  I can't believe she is 6!  It makes me sad for how quickly our baby is going to grow up and she isn't even born yet!  I just hope that this can be a reminder for me to treasure all the time with my baby no matter how difficult it is!

While my family was here I made my sister Tahnee go to register with me.  That was the big thing on my to-do list for February.  It was overwhelming to think of everything we needed and making all of those decisions.  Plus the sheer of Babies R Us terrifies me!  So thank you Tahnee for holding my hand and helping me through that!

This weekend my brother-in-law also helped us out by moving furniture with Joel.  We finally got the guest bedroom moved downstairs and cleared out old guest bedroom so we can start the nursery.  I will definitely post pictures of any progress being made.