weeks 25 and 26

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Somehow I didn't realize I hadn't posted last week's belly pic so here we are at 25 and then 26 weeks.  I don't feel like I have gotten much bigger over the last couple of weeks, in fact some weeks I feel smaller than I did the previous week.  I think that my hips are getting a bit wider though because my pants are feeling tight around the hips but not in the expandable belly part..  I hope that my hips don't get too much bigger or I will be stuck wearing dresses for the rest of the pregnancy because I am NOT buying more pants!

A side note on cravings... I really should just give in to them.  A few weeks ago I was craving Froot Loops, weird I know.  I obviously didn't have any in the house and I refused to go buy some because they have no nutritional value.  Instead I tried to quench my sweet craving with a mini kit that I had on had.  That didn't work so I ate a few more of them.  A few days later I was still craving the Froot Loops.  At one point this resulted in me locking Joel out of the house when he went to move the car into the garage for the night.  He came back to find the door locked and a credit card sitting next to an empty cereal bowl.  Don't worry I was only joking!  I let him in right away and I didn't pull the "Pregnancy Craving Card" and make him go get me some.  Fast forward to last week.  While grocery shopping I gave in and put a generic brand Frosted Fruit O's in the cart.  It may not have any nutritional value but at least it was cheaper than Froot Loops.  Well I ate a couple bowls and they are NOT the same.  Craving still present... I literally couldn't stop thinking about the stupid Froot Loops.  Today I gave in and bought some and I am pretty sure I consumed half the box in one sitting.    Moral of the story: when I have a craving I should give in immediately so that the craving will go away!  Thankfully my sweet tooth is normally craving fruits!