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Tonight I am in my pajamas snuggled up in bed COMPLETELY wasting time.  The only things I have done since leaving work are: filled the car with gas, changed into comfy clothes, browsed the internet and made myself banana pancakes for dinner.  As you can see I have done nothing of significance...unless you count quenching my craving for pancakes as an accomplishment.  As I continued to browse the internet for inspiration I came across the following quote on someones blog.  It is one of their New Year's resolutions.

"Keep from looking like a hoarder by putting away your clean laundry IMMEDIATELY."

Oops.  I was totally busted.  I am so ashamed.  Not only did I stress my mom out all through my high school years but now I am stressing out my husband with my slacker ways.

My name is Olivia and I have had clean clothes in my laundry basket for four days.  The floor of my closet is covered with dirty clothes.  This morning's discarded outfit choices are on top of my laundry hamper and my dresser.  Instead of putting away my clothes I have been browsing Pinterest for cute laundry room decor and organization ideas that might make me enjoy doing laundry more.  I have a problem and admitting it to you is my first step towards recovery!

I had no intention of putting my clothes away today until I saw that quote.  As soon as I publish this post I promise I am going to put my clothes away!

My new life resolution: keep from looking like a hoarder by putting away my clean laundry immediately. I am counting on all of you reading this to keep me accountable since there is no recovery program that I am aware of for this sort of problem.

Alright clothes here I come to show you some love.

Anything you have been putting off lately?