24 weeks

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Here we are at 24 weeks.  I don't have too much of a belly button left.  I am curious how long it will take for me to develop an "outie".  I had a doctors appointment this week.  Dr. Less measured my belly and said we are growing right on schedule for 24 weeks.

We finally finished the construction in our basement.  Now we have a second bathroom and a room ready to be made into our guest bedroom.  I am hoping that we can start that transition this week.  As soon as we get the guest bedroom set up we can start on our nursery upstairs.  I received the "LOVE" print (see last week's post) in the mail and I really like it.  We chose a light aqua color that is painted around the edges of the L on the print as a potential wall color.   I am so excited to start putting together the nursery!

On a sad note my sewing machine stopped working this week.  I was about 1 minute away from finishing a pillow for our living room couch and it quit.  The needle no longer goes up or down.  Luckily a friend is going to let me use her machine this week while I decide if I should try to get mine fixed or replace it.  I want to finish my pillow and soon I hope to be sewing things for our baby girl!