23 weeks

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Here we are at 23 weeks.  Highs of the pregnancy so far: when this baby girl wakes up and says hello!  She usually moves around in the morning when I am eating breakfast and always gives me a few kicks as I lay down to go to bed.  Lately she has also moved around a bit in the right now as I type this :-)  Lows of the pregnancy: the shooting pains from my sciatic nerve that have returned a bit this week.

I have been busy researching baby related things especially cloth diapers.  We are most likely going to use them.  I am planning a date to visit with a friend and her kids for some hands on practice time.  I have only changed cloth diapers a few times but that was several years ago and not when I was doing it as a form of research.  It is crazy how much money you can save by using them!  I have also been looking for inspiration for our nursery.  We are not planning to do a theme for the nursery.  I just ordered a print by an artist on Etsy and I am planning to use the colors found in it for the nursery.

Isn't it pretty?  It is by Katie Daisy.