22 weeks

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22 weeks down approximately 18 more to go.  Now that I know it is a girl growing in there it seems a little more real.  Being past the halfway mark has made me start thinking more seriously about getting ready to bring this baby into the world and all that means.  I have started looking into what to register for.  I have been emailing people asking if we can borrow things (if you or anyone you know might have baby things they are willing/able to share please let me know, the list of things we need seems SO LONG!)  I finally worked up the courage to read the "labor" chapter in my baby book.  I can no longer deny that this will be happening at some point.  It is best to start preparing myself and Joel!  I registered us for a parenting class and scheduled a tour of the hospital we are planning to deliver at.  I feel good about the amount of things I have gotten done but I barely feel prepared to bring a baby into the world!  I am thankful to have people around me that have done this before and that have gone through it recently enough that they can share wisdom and baby stuff with us!

My favorite part of the last week has been feeling the baby moving more and having Joel be able to feel it twice!  That puts a huge smile on my face!  Another high point was buying more maternity pants.  I wasn't eager to spend more money but I finally broke down because my other pants were causing a lot of painful pressure on my growing belly.  My new pants feel so good!  I am wearing one pair in the picture above.  I am also wearing a new shirt that my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas.  Thanks Katie!