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This year we had the WHOLE family at our Christmas celebration.   It has been quite a while since this has happened.  Last year there were only a few of us there because of the big snowstorm that came through.  One cousin is missing from the picture because we didn't realize she was napping but we intend to photoshop her in!

I LOVE my family.  I know that most people do, but I am proud to call these people "mine".  We never have any type of drama, we are always just happy to see each other and we always have a good time!

Our typical celebration starts with dinner.  Dinner always includes: swedish meatballs, ham, lefse, cheesy potatoes, corn bake, Liz's buns and orange jello salad.  There are a few other things as well but these are our traditional family dishes.  I am always in charge of the orange salad.  I made it but then left it in the fridge at home!  Total fail!  There was a definite orange salad shaped whole in everyones hearts that day.  Thankfully I was able to cheer my step dad up by sending all of the leftovers home with him.

Following dinner we have our Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest.  We show off our ugly finds and vote on the winner.  Tanner usually wins, but he has an unfair advantage because he manages a Savers.  Though truthfully it is his hilarious presentation that steals the show every time.

After the sweater contest we play the dice game to exchange presents.  This year's hot items were the Caribou Coffee, cash, and a scarf.  Joel and I were quite happy to come home with Bananagrams and two hand knit hats made by my aunt Liz.  They are a matching Dad and child set.  Joel is already wearing his all the time.  I am excited to get to take a picture of Joel and baby in them next Christmas.

After gifts we sing "The 12 Days of Christmas" with people acting out the song along the way.  It is always good for some laughs.  I especially liked Tanner's interpretation of seven swans a'swimming.  It really looked like a swan swimming!  We tried to get a picture but he was moving around too much to get a good one.  I will have to treasure the memory alone!

I had a great time and felt incredibly blessed to have all of these lovely people in my life.  It is SO crazy that all of us are here because of my Grandma and Grandpa Peterson!  I wish they could have been there to celebrate with us, I know they would have been immensely proud.