getting into the Christmas spirit

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Here are before and after images of our living room once I decorated for Christmas.  I am in love with the after!  It is really cozy. This is the first year that Joel and I have gotten a real Christmas tree.  I love the pine smell so much.  Before this was the least used room in our house now I have been hanging out in the living room every evening when I get home from work.  I light all the candles, plug in the tree lights, turn on music and read.  Sometimes (including now) I even get a kitty to come snuggle beside me.  We are all enjoying the new arrangements.

We were very curious how having a real tree with the cats would go.  Lindy's first year with a fake tree she spent weeks picking all of the ornaments off one by one and we even found her napping halfway up the tree one time! This year both Lindy and Afina have tree sap in their fur and Lindy has woken us up once with the sound of her throwing up pine needles.  Otherwise the tree and the Kitties are in tact and we are all in the mood for Christmas.

This weekend Joel and I will be celebrating Christmas with our family.  I will be sure to take a picture of everyone in the fantastic christmas sweaters.  Then in a couple of weeks we will be heading to Colorado to celebrate with Joel's family.  I am a little nervous to fly while pregnant since I already feel big and bloated.  I usually swell up a little bit while flying...not sure how my body could possibly stretch anymore than it already is.  Thankfully it is a short flight!