girls weekend

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For the past five years the girls in my family have gotten together for a girls weekend.  The tradition started when we decided to do a weekend away at a spa together instead of doing a normal bridal shower/bachelorette party for me before I got married.  We all had such a great time that the tradition has continued.  Now over MEA weekend we all pile into a couple hotel rooms in Duluth and enjoy enjoy each others company.
Here is a snapshot of the chaos that was our dinner Friday night.  We are now at 4 kids with 2 more on the way.
The next morning some of us headed out for a walk.  It was a gorgeous fall day!  When we are on the pier Grandma always buys popcorn for Melody.  Another yearly tradition is trying not to get pooped on by all the seagulls.  So far so good!
We had perfect timing and got to see the bridge lift to let a coast guard ship through.
Grandma and Mel walked ahead to the lighthouse as Mel munched away on her popcorn.
We were hoping to rent one of the buggy bikes but unfortunely the rental shop never opened that day.
Later we walked by the shops and stopped at Little Angies to have lunch.  Melody always hops up onto the moose for her annual picture.  It was fun to add Aubree to the photo this year!  I would love to see all of these pictures next to each other so I could see how they have grown.
We always stop by the Rocky Mountain Chocolate shop for caramel apples.  While we were there we ran into another one of our cousins and her husband.  What a small world!  Is it just me or is that big bear out front a little creepy looking?
I love carrying on these traditions every year.  During the car ride up Melody was shouting that she couldn't believe we were on our way to Duluth.  I felt the same way!  I can hardly wait for next year.  It will be different though because I will have a little one to take care of.  Pretty soon we are going to be outnumbered by children...we might need to start leaving them at home with the husbands!
Next year ladies make sure we stop to take a decent group picture of all of us! Love you all!