date night

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Date nights lately have been pretty low key.  By Friday night both Joel and I are exhausted and all I want to do is lay down and watch a movie.  This Friday we spiced things up with a trip to the mall!  I wanted to go try on some winter coats as I can barely button up my coat over my growing belly.  We started with a stop into Hot Mama.  It was a little bit of a flop for me because they didn't have maternity clothes.  Apparently they used to have them but they didn't sell well enough.  I tried on a lot of tops.  I liked a couple of them but they were way too expensive.

Joel enjoyed the store though.  They had video games and free beer.  Pretty sure he would be willing to take me there again!

This was one of the signs in my dressing room :-)

Next we stopped at Caribou for treats.  I love the white peach berry smoothie.  So delicious!

Then we headed to Motherhood Maternity.  It was an incredibly successful shopping trip.  After a month of barely squeezing into my pants it felt great to put on clothes that were designed to fit my new belly!

It was a little bit scary to put on their "3 month belly" to see how things are going to fit eventually.  The saleswoman asked if that put me close to 9 months... nope only 6 months.  This could be interesting!

"Interesting" being Minnesotan for terrible!