summer wife vs. pregnant wife

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I miss summer wife.  I am sure that Joel would say the same thing as well.  Summer wife was unemployed and able to go to farmers markets to get fresh produce.  She made fresh bread and dreamed up delicious menus.  Summer wife was also not pregnant and was able to eat such a delicious variety of foods.  I miss her!  I wonder if summer wife will make an appearance next summer or if she will be lost to the world of motherhood. Pregnant wife eats the same menu of saltines, cereal and pasta every day and has to ask for help putting food into the cart while grocery shopping at Costco.  Pregnant wife also has to take the elevator at work because the jeans she thought still fit her did not allow enough movement to go up stairs.   That was one of many low points.

It has been quite a shock to go so quickly from the loveliest version of myself to this new version that I have never met before.  Summer wife was out ripping up the front lawn and laying sod...pregnant wife's sciatic nerve doesn't allow her to do much but lay in bed.   It has been tough for both Joel and I to transition.  I always knew that motherhood would be a huge sacrifice.  That is part of the reason we waited 5 years to take the leap.  I just expected this sacrifice to happen once the baby was born not at conception!

I am hopeful that as we enter the 2nd trimester this next week we will both start to enjoy pregnant wife more!  At the very least I can know that come May I have a very large reward for all the sacrifices I have started making.  I can't wait (or "I don't wait" as my niece Mel says) to meet this little one. :-)