the day after

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So remember on September 15th when I posted and was all like, Hey, I'm back! Then later I was like, I am busy applying for jobs and thinking of adding a baby to the mix but I'm not pregnant. Well... the next day I took a pregnancy test and to my complete shock it was positive!  I was about to throw the test away and hop in the shower when a faint second line showed up!  I freaked out and ran to the basement to yell for Joel to come here and look at something.  I needed confirmation that a second line had appeared.  He of course was all calm and not shocked that we were pregnant.  I however couldn't stop shaking and freaking out.  The next time we are pregnant I will try to play it cool and try to surprise him in some way.

Seriously, look at how faint that second line is.  Plus I expected it to be right next to the first line.  I am glad I didn't throw the test away before seeing it!

Suddenly becoming a mom changed my plans about working a bit.  It was time to make some money before I stay home with the baby.  About two hours after I found out I was pregnant I accepted a job at Earle Brown Elementary in Brooklyn Center.  I worked there three years ago and it is fun to be back.  One major perk of the job is that I am working with my friend Shawn again.

Since my last post I have eaten A LOT of saltine crackers.  Tomorrow I enter my 12th week of pregnancy.  I am hoping that as I enter the 2nd trimester by stomach will calm down.  I am constantly amazed at how such a little creature can have such major impact on my body!