it looks like a baby now!

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Today we had our 12 week ultrasound.  It was amazing to see the baby look like more than just a little blob on the screen.  I guess it might still look like that to you!  The baby was holding it's hand up by it's face most of the time.  I love seeing the fingers.  The baby was also moving around a lot.  I can hardly believe that it is inside of me.  Seeing the hand up in the air like that makes me really excited to see it in person.  I want to wave back to my baby!

Well it is 9:30 now.  Time to go get ready to tuck myself and baby in bed.  I can't believe I am actually tired at 9:30!  Can't wait to see how tired this baby will make me when it joins us on the outside world.  Oh wait...that I can wait for.  For now I will just be happy with my ultrasound pictures!