up and running

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Hello faithful friends!  Sorry for the EXTREMELY long wait.  I am back and will be posting again regularly.  After moving, unpacking, needing to figure out my new camera, getting husband to explain how to upload the pictures etc and then forgetting how to get logged into my blog I am back! I can't believe that I have gone the whole summer without posting!  I have lots of pictures to share and moments I want to remember so I will be posting them over time but for now I want to get right back on track with current events.

Current stats:

Living in Maplewood and loving it.

Busy making the new house cute.

Struggling to get grass to grow in the front yard (send up a prayer for my new sod that is browning around the edges)

Applying for jobs (and secretly wishing I didn't have to work at all!)

Looking into getting serious with my crafting, turning hobby into business (more on that later)

Reluctantly transitioning into fall (where has the summer gone??)

Love the husband and cats, though somedays more than others (the cats I mean not the husband)

Thinking of adding a baby to the mix sometime soon (not my way of telling you I am pregnant because I'm not)

Getting ready for a weekend away with friends...speaking of I better go start packing!

Be back soon. I promise!