ode to mall madness

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The way I see it there are three kinds of people in this world.  Those that love the game Mall Madness, those that pretend they don't love it, and people that just haven't had the pleasure of playing yet.

I, of course, fall into the love it category.  It may be the 13 year old girl in me speaking here, but I think it is the best game ever!  A couple years ago I asked my mom about our copy of the game and she said she had gotten rid of it.  I was mortified!  Playing that game with my sisters is one of my fondest memories.  Thankfully we found this at a garage sale for $5 and my mom bought it for me! Then we crossed the street and found another copy for $4.  Oh well!

I couldn't believe it.  I had no idea that they remade the game.  It is very close to the original game.  I hope to get an original copy because I miss the announcers voice.

"There is a clearance at the Fashion Boutique.  There is a sale at the Pet Shop.  There is a sale at the Kitchen Store".  Other fans of the game will recall that the announcer  pronounced kitchen- chitchen in the original game.    Such great memories-you know what I am talking about Tahnee!  Lacey did you play it much?

You might be looking at that picture thinking 9+ to play the is probably a little juvenile... I would like to emphasize the +.  This game just gets better as you age.  For me it is like being a kid again.

We had friends over for dinner this weekend and played in teams.  It is hilarious playing this game with grown men.  They totally take on the characters and get into it.  Here were the winners from that evening.  Meet team "Scott".

Dear Caleb, Kara, Nate, Gwen and Joel,
I had a great time playing with you.  Team Scott- congratulations on your win, but you will have to admit it was an extremely close game!  Team Tameka- you were so close to a win, I am sure it was due to Kara's shopping strengths, you always look so cute and look what you have done for Caleb's wardrobe!  Caleb- please don't steal my game, I will try to find you your own copy.  Joel- thanks for humoring me and letting us play on Saturday, you know you love it though!!
Liv (the prettier half of team Sarah)