who am I

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saw this on another blog and decided to have a go.  I am not feeling very profound tonight...maybe I will do it again sometime when I am in the mood to be more reflective.  also I am not in the mood to capitalize or use punctuation correctly tonight.
Who I Am...
I am...eager for summer
I live closer to family and friends
I have...spring break next week
I wish...I could spend more time teaching and less time disciplining
I hate...licking envelopes shut
I fear...losing loved ones
I hear...the laundry in the dryer
I search...the internet way too much
I my life will continue to unfold
I regret... how quickly time passes
I love... my husband more than anything
I ache... for more time with my family
I always... make Joel kiss me more than once
I usually... have a glass of water close by
I am not...good at strategy games
I often as I can
I sing...along to the radio
I never... use the bathroom without washing my hands (who does that?)
I sometimes...sleep too much
I cry... when I have communication problems with Joel
I am not always...good at saying no to things
I phone all the time and have to call it using Joel's phone
I am confused...when I look at Joel's computer monitors
I go eat dinner
I creating things more often
Who Are You?