the flu

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So I have been gone for a few days...sorry Tahnee!  I know you have probably looked at my last post like 50 times by now! Apparently I had the 7 day stomach flu.  The worst of only it lasted 48 hours but it has lingered for a week now.  I miss food.  The worst of it is that it happened during my birthday week.  The blissful week that I anticipate all year long.  Most of the plans Joel made had to be canceled to prevent others from getting sick, or I just didn't have the stamina to do it.

Joel did get me this pretty new necklace and a pretty new camera so my birthday wasn't a complete loss.  Oh and of course I successfully turned 27.

The necklace has an "S" for Stewart on one side and our wedding anniversary on the other.  It was created by this woman on etsy.

Now I just have to learn how to use my new toy so I can post pretty pictures!  Does anyone know why I can't get my picture centered?  Oh well, you can deal with it for now right?