a rare but wonderful occurrence

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Sometimes while I am sitting on my chair at the computer something wonderful happens.  Lindy tries to jump up on to the chair behind me, but it being a high stool and there not being much room behind me she is forced to give me a bear hug in order to keep from falling backwards.  After only a moment she realizes her own failure and jumps back down.  When it first happens I am startled, but then I realize what is happening and usually have half a second to enjoy the hug :-)  Yup, I am a total sucker for my cat and I love hugs so when they are combined it is pure joy for me! I tried to find a picture of a cat doing this to someone but couldn't.   While searching I came across this picture that I thought was sweet.  So here you go.  If you love cats too then your welcome.  If you hate cats...then you clearly haven't received a hug from mine :-)

Goodnight.  Sleep tight.  Don't let the bed bugs bite.

I am off to go snuggle my cat some more!