17, 18, 19, 20

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Here you see what I wore on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday.  Monday is missing because I spent President's Day at home in pajamas working on a long To-Do List.  Tuesday isn't pictured because it was a repeat of a previous 30 for 30 outfit.  I needed an outfit I could wear with boots because of all the snow we got!  You might notice that I am wearing a different pair of jeans in the third photo, I am going to switch out the jeans I chose for the challenge because they are too big now.  Even with a belt they are uncomfortable.  I am sure most of you don't care but I feel I need to be truthful in fulfilling this challenge.  You may also wonder why I was inspired to wear two different hats in one week.  The first hat was the blue one in pic three, I wore that because I didn't shower and was having a bad hair day (also I need a hair cut).  Today's hat in pic four is because it was hat day at school.  Someone told me today that I looked like a "home girl" I will take that as a compliment!  Only ten more outfits to go.