playing with family

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This weekend Joel and I were able to spend time with my sisters & their husbands, my dad and step mom and my two nieces.  It makes me wish that they all lived closer!  Saturday we went to the Mall of America.  We went on rides at Nickelodeon Universe (which will always be Camp Snoopy in my world) and went to Underwater World.  I seriously can't handle going on rides.  I got dizzy on the carousel.  I can't believe how these little girls went on the swings and rollercoasters.

Daddy and Sheri had to leave Saturday night because of the impending snow storm but Tahnee, Erik and Aubree stayed at our house another night!  Aubree is so cute!

Sunday morning I took Tahnee to Savers and helped her find a new post-baby wardrobe.  We found so many cute things!  It was hard being there and not being able to buy anything, but it was probably good or we would have have been fighting over a few items.  Plus this helped me to be able to focus completely on her.  The next time I visit her in Brainerd we are going to go through her wardrobe and take pictures so she knows how to remix her clothes.

This is what Erik and Aubree did while we shopped!  I am so thankful for this time spent with family.  Thank you all for coming to play!