good idea or bad idea?

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So remember when I said I needed to bake some cookies for work... well I called Joel on my way home to make sure we had all of the ingredients.  He said that we had enough raisins but that they looked old.  I replied that raisins always look old and was happy to use older raisins instead of having to stop for groceries on the way home.  A few hours later... I mixed all of the cookie ingredients together and went to add the raisins and found that they were not only a rock hard but almost impossible to get out of the box.  I literally was pounding on it.  Finally the bottom of it ripped open and I was able to pull them out in a big clump.  Maybe they are still usable... maybe I could just microwave them for a few seconds to soften them, good idea right?  Wrong, in fact possibly the worst idea I have ever had.  I opened the microwave to bubbling and smoking raisins.  Ever smelled burnt raisins before?  Holy cow, that is gross.  Take my word for it and NEVER do this at home.  Thankfully Joel just went to return the redbox movie, get me gas for work tomorrow and to buy me more raisins.  I have a candle burning and maybe once I bake the cookies my house will smell a little bit better.  Here's hoping. post was edited an hour later for the continuation of the cookie saga

Joel saved the day and brought home the new raisins.  I added the raisins and rushed to get the first 2 dozen in the oven.  I decided to multi-task so that I could go to bed as soon as they were done and have Joel finish the last dozen.  I went and brushed my teeth, set out clothes for tomorrow, set my alarm and ran downstairs when I heard the timer.  As you can see from the picture below I completely failed and burned them all.  So much for trying to make my house smell better.

I am trying to decide what lesson can be learned from this situation

1. burnt cookies can happen to anyone

2. Don't bake when tired or grumpy because it will show

3. If you don't want to bake just go buy some cookies and call it good

4. If you are too tired, too busy or just plain don't want to bake just say NO

5. If at first you don't succeed try try again

I am going to go with #5 for now as I decided to just use the remaining dough to cook a dozen very small cookies and go to bed.  I will apologize and explain that after burnt raisins and burnt cookies it was the best I could do for the evening.

If you have any other lessons that could be gleaned from this story please share your wisdom with me.

Good night!