outfits 8, 9, 10, 11

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Can I just say TGIF!! I am completely exhausted.  I was sick this week and not sleeping well and I NEVER have trouble sleeping.  I am not coping with this well. Highlights of this week include: my friends having their baby girl Ellanor after about 3 hours of labor!  I can't wait until I feel better so I can hold her. Having a breakthrough with one of my students that has been having a hard time.  Sleepover with my mom and niece.  My niece turning 5!  We are about to head out to "The Giggle Factory" for her birthday party.  I giggled when I heard the name of it.  Did you?

There were many low points to this week, hence the TGIF comment, but I will not be listing them, just sending up a prayer and trying to remain positive and hopeful.  I am just happy to have a weekend to do that in!

outfits 8,9,10 and 11:

This entire outfit was thrifted.  The scarf is one of my favorite finds.  Have I mentioned I love Savers?  I am going there next Wednesday with a friend to help her look for clothes.  She got sick of complimenting my clothes and having me say I got it at Savers.  It will be rough to be there with the shopping ban and all but it will help me focus on finding her stuff.  I wonder if I can put things on hold for 20 days?

I am sure this outfit looks familiar to anyone that follows Kendi.  She was obviously my inspiration!  I took a big old skirt I found at Savers and altered it to fit like a glove.  It was very satisfying and not nearly as much work as making the skirt from scratch.

I love that I can wear jeans to work on Wednesday and Fridays.  Actually I could wear sweats or pajamas or anything I wanted to on Wednesdays.  My school has uniforms for all students except on Wednesdays we have "free to be me" days where students and staff can wear anything they want (as long as it is appropriate) that represents themselves.  I used to wear sweats or workout attire last year but I have decided to wear jeans as I can still be comfy, but look cute and more professional.  Besides it is hard enough to have energy to get through my days and wearing sweats makes me want to have nap time instead of teaching.

Happy Weekend!!