"happy chinese new year Mrs. Stewart!"

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Earlier this week I read a Scholastic news article with my students about Chinese New Year.  Today was the beginning of this celebration.  In honor of this we had a party.  I enjoyed it more than anything else I have done with my students this year.  It was so cute to hear them all wishing each other a happy Chinese New Year, something that a week ago they knew nothing about.  When they arrived today they saw red streamers and a chinese sign wishing good fortune in the doorway.  One student that arrived late to school came in and cheerfully came up and said, "Happy Chinese New Year Mrs. Stewart!" Then he gave me a hug.  It was the sweetest thing.  During snack time I showed them chopsticks and some chinese food. During our party they got to make their own dragons, tried eating noodles with chopsticks, ate oranges and fortune cookies and danced around with our dragons to the Chinese New Year song I found on You Tube.  At the end of the day we marched to the buses in our parade waving the dragons.  Tomorrow I will be bring money in red envelopes and giving them all 50 cents to buy a treat at the school store.  It was so fun to be creative with this activity and to see them all learning and being so excited about it!  We will continue to celebrate next week by making paper lanterns and anything else I can think of to illustrate that the chinese celebrate New Years for 15 days. Today I felt blessed to be their teacher and to share this cultural event with them!

Thank you goes out to Miss Jonell, my friend who had enough chopsticks in her kitchen to allow all of my students their own pair to try.  Almost all of them were able to do it on their own and everyone was excited to eat the noodles!  It is so cute to see how excited kids get about things :-)