my little helper

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Afina follows us around wherever we go.  She is more like a dog than a cat really.  Here she is helping me blog.

She likes to help me eat my food, put away my clothes, make the bed, keep track of my computer mouse, and make sure that all cables are attached and working.  She must have thought my cell phone charger wasn't working correctly so she bit the head off of it for me so I would know.  I started making a few more headbands and she wanted to be involved in the choice of all materials.  She was most involved in the choosing of the buttons I would put on.  She took some buttons off that after I put them on, she must not have liked that design after all.

As you can see she is a very helpful kitten she even helped me make sure not to sleep in too late this morning.

Thanks for all your "help" Afina you are such a sweetheart.