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We originally got Afina hoping that she would snuggle Joel.  Lindy seems to prefer snuggling with me so Afina was to bond with Joel to make things fair :-)  Here she is on Joel's lap while he was working at his computer.  I did pick her up and put her there but she stayed!  She has been a fun addition to our house.  She follows us around everywhere and loves to snuggle.  My favorite trait of hers is that she likes to sleep under the blankets.  My least favorite trait is her stinky farts.  Let's hope that she will grow out of that.

Lindy and Afina are getting along very well.  I tried to take this picture to show how Lindy was sleeping on the floor and Afina was sleeping in the chair right above her but I wasn't fast enough and Afina moved.  The light from the camera clearly caught Lindy's eyes reflection.  I have never seen that caught in a picture before!  So what was supposed to be a sweet picture to represent how well they are getting along just makes Lindy look like she is trying to destroy Afina with her laser eyes.  You will have to take my word for it I guess!