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The newest member of our family...Afina May Stewart.  After over a year of Joel begging, I broke down and got him another cat for his birthday.  She is cuddly and sweet.

I love this picture of her passed out upside down on Joel's lap .  I love cats.

For the last two weeks she has been hidden in the guest bedroom.  The humane society said to introduce cats slowly in order to best insure a lasting friendship.

I know she looks sweet and innocent in this picture but Lindy pretty much hates everyone and every animal except for Joel and I and isn't shy about letting people know it.  I have been VERY nervous about introducing them.  Afina is so small compared to Lindy and so mild tempered I don't know how she would fare in a cat fight with Lindy.

Thankfully I think the two weeks of hearing and smelling each other have paid off!  We had them in the same room today for about 30 minutes and there was no fighting or growling.  There were probably 4 small hisses.  I am impressed and hopeful.  I will keep you posted!