Christmas in Florida

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For an entire year Joel and I dreamt of vacationing somewhere warm over Christmas...  when I say we dreamt I mean that we talked about how nice it would be but made no plans.  When we actually looked into it we decided we should save money instead of go but then a free condo week in Florida fell into our laps and we decided to go!  Thank you Mavis!

We vacationed with our lovely friends Nate and Gwen.  Here we are commemorating the awesome king size bed and outdated decor :-)

The condo was in Hollywood Beach along this great boardwalk (they apparently call it a broadwalk here I am assuming because it is so wide)

It was amazing feeling the warmth of the sun.  It has been way too long!  It was in the 70's everyday and gorgeous.  It was even warm enough to go and play in the ocean.  The best part of the beach was the sand bars.  You could go out so far and only be up to your waist!  I believe that is Gwen and Nate out in the waves.  One day we saw a manatee...well actually we saw a dark spot moving out in the water that the lifeguard said was a manatee, but it was still fun!

The one thing I wanted to do on the trip was go rollerblading. Joel and I both managed to fit ours in our carry-on bags!  Rollerblading with Joel was my favorite part of the trip.  It reminded me of the carefree days of many months away are you now?

The one thing Joel wanted to do was go kayaking.  I found a place close enough to rollerblade to called The Anne Kolb Nature Center.  We went kayaking through mangrove paths in a tandem kayak.  We saw a few birds but no manatees :-(

It was really fun but the water was really dirty  and the sit on top type of kayaks have holes in the bottom.  We got really wet.  Needless to say I was anxious to go back to the condo to shower before going out for dinner.

When we weren't rollerblading, walking or kayaking around the area we took the trolley.  I was quite convenient and for only $1 it was a nice alternative to renting a car or taking a taxi.

We ate at a few places we wouldn't suggest but our favorites were Chocolada (the little bakery pictured here) Mamacita's on the broadwalk (I miss your chips and salsa) and Le Tub (just make sure you get the burger well done and it will be delicious)

It was so nice to run away from the day to day stresses of life in a warm and sunny spot.  I was very impressed with how little Joel and I thought about work.  Thank you Joel for this great vacation!  I can't wait until summer when we can rollerblade and kayak again!