family christmas

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This weekend we fled the snowstorm and went to Alexandria for my family's Christmas celebration.

The newest tradition was a Monkey Madness tournament.  I am proud to say that I am the reigning champion with a score of 76 (as long as you don't count Joel's score when he was cheating, I of course do not acknowledge that score)

It was hilarious watching everyone play.  My favorite was Carol snorting while she played and sinking into her chair as she saw her score of 40 something, so cute!

We carried on our ugly Christmas sweater/clothing tradition.

My favorites this year were Tahnee and Erik's matching feety pajamas!

Melody won this year with her adorable Christmas accessories.  I loved the Christmas tree headband!

Joel and I were rockin' our metalic Christmas sweaters.  Don't hate me because you are jealous of my red crushed velvet pants.

Melody won my snowman kit in the gift swap game.  We decided to use some tissue paper to make an indoor snowman.   It was super cute!

Here is Mel pretending to be the snowman :-)

It was a great weekend.  We missed everyone else that couldn't make it because of the snow.