30 for 30

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So there you have it.  I am sad that this little project is done.

Least remixed items: pink sweater in outfit #2 only worn once, dress in outfit #4 only worn once, black pants in outfit #7 only worn once, blue skirt in outfit # 8 only worn once

Most remixed items: cream skirt 4 times, black dress 4 times, denim tunic 4 times,skinny jeans 8 times, white t-shirt 12 times

Favorite parts of challenge: creative outlet, limited laundry, easy getting dressed in the morning, using items from my wardrobe that I hardly ever wear like the cream skirt and the denim tunic and wearing them the most often!

Least favorite parts: having to wake up my poor husband to take pictures, not having enough warm clothes included...wearing skirts during recess duty...brr!

I did switch out a gray pair of pants that I hadn't worn yet for the blue jacket I wore in the last row of pictures.  Also I broke the no buying clothes rule just a little bit.  When I went home over Thanksgiving weekend I was so focused on what items from the 30 for 30 challenge to pack that I forgot to bring underwear.  My mom and I ventured to the mall on Black Friday to buy some.  I was expecting to get a fabulous deal but was sad to discover only a small discount if you bought 3.  C'est la vie!

Which outfits were your favorites?