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I know that last week was thanksgiving but I was a little to overwhelmed to think about anything let alone what I was thankful for.  The big changes at work went into affect this week at school.  As of Wednesday I am Mrs. Stewart the 1st and 2nd grade teacher... as opposed to just Mrs. Stewart the 1st grade teacher. The first two days have gone...ok.  To say they have gone well would be way too generous, of course they could have gone worse as well.  I look forward to returning to a more academic focus next week instead of focusing on classroom routines like lining up and sitting in chairs and being quiet during work time!

So even though work is going just ok, I have been trying to remember the big and small parts to my days that have been blessings:

I have been so blessed by friends and family members stepping up to help me.  For example:

My husband has been cooking dinner so that I can relax when I get home at 6:30 and not have to worry about what to eat (this would fall under the BIG blessing category)

The snow on Monday morning was beautiful and my radio station started playing Christmas songs (not the annoying ones like Suzy Snowflake that I had to listen to over and over while waitressing, but the pretty/sentimental ones).

My friend Shawn came to help me after school on Monday. My step-dad Brian came along on the school field trip today and is going to start volunteering regularly.  Thank you Brian! And another friend wants to come help me one day a week in my classroom!  It is amazing to be surrounded by friends that step up to help me when I need it!

I am also very thankful for St. John's Wort, I recently started it to improve my mood (help me not feel depressed and anxious) and it is making a big difference.  I actually feel like I can deal with the stress in my life but before I just felt like crying!

Tomorrow is Friday, I have almost survived this week!  Here is hoping that soon I will be back on top of my work load and not just surviving!

Please forgive any and all grammatical errors in this post.  I am far to tired to care, so I will add your patience with me to my list of things I am thankful for :-)