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I don't mean to be mysterious about the job situation but I am not sure what I can share at this moment, plus there are still decisions to be made about who is going to teach what.  All that to say I am emotional about what is happening and looking for comfort! Joel showered and came out with a plan for helping me sort out my thoughts on the job situation. He does all of his best thinking in the shower, is that a guy thing? I don't tend to think about very much at 5:15 in the morning whilst showering except staying awake and the next step in getting ready.

His plan was to make an excel spreadsheet of course!  This would chronicle the amount of work every scenario would be for each person so that a fair and unemotional decision can be reached.

My husband the mathematician hero!

I on the other hand sought comfort in that a girl thing?  Malt-O-Meal has been and will always be my comfort food (besides ice cream and chocolate obviously).  It reminds me of my stress-free childhood a time where Malt-O-Meal was prepared and lovingly placed in front of me by my mom or my grandma.

It should always, of course, be served with buttered toast and in my opinion should include lumps.  What is your comfort food?  Or is all about spreadsheets for you?